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Are you an experienced foster carer who is looking for a change and wants to find an agency that is the right fit for you- why not join us?


Foster carers have the freedom to change the fostering agency they belong to. This right is set out in the Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol 2014. Should you wish to join us, we will work with you and the relevant professionals to make sure the process runs smoothly and ensure the continuity and wellbeing for any children already with you.

When there are no children in placement a foster carer can resign, but must give their current agency 28 days notice in writing. We will then write to your previous agency for a reference.

You can begin your transfer to us in 4 easy steps

Transfer Protocol

We will then complete a fostering assessment. During this period, we will do our best to ensure a smooth transition and begin your fostering journey with us.

When you are ready, we will begin the process of matching new children and support you in welcoming them into our Fostering London family.

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